Classic, Spicy or Tater-y?

Find your favorite hot dog or wrap at Top Dog Grill

Whether you want a plain hot dog with mustard or our legendary Chicken Bacon Tater Wrap, you'll always find something delicious at Top Dog Grill. People come from all over to buy our hot dogs and wraps.

You can choose from a variety of popular menu options, including our:

  • Little Daddy: A generously sized hot dog.
  • Little Chorizo: A single serving of Basque chorizo.
  • Bratwurst: A foot-long bratwurst.
  • Big Daddy: A foot-long quarter pound all beef hot dog.
  • Big Daddy Chorizo: A foot-long beef hot dog with a quarter pound of Basque chorizo.
  • Fat Boy: A Little Daddy with chicken, bacon and taters with chorizo, bratwurst and cheese in a tortilla.
  • Chicken Bacon Tater Wrap: Shredded chicken with bacon and fries, covered in cheese and topped with our homemade seasoning .
  • Tater Dog: A hot dog take on the Chicken Bacon Tater Wrap.

Not sure which to pick? Ask our friendly team right away for a recommendation.

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Offering over a dozen toppings

If you're looking for your new go-to toppings, you'll find them here. You can combine a wide range of options or just choose one or two. We have all kinds of mustard, hot sauce and other toppings, including ketchup, onions and sauerkraut. Stop by our cart today to build your own hot dog. You can check out our pricing below.